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Custom Gear


Dye Sublimation is a process for printing designed themes by injecting colour and imagination into fabric. Chances are you have already got, or seen, sublimated fabrics. Industries such as sports, events and fashion rely heavily on this particular style.

Not creative? That’s okay! It’s easy to approach trained professionals who will use their expertise to get your unique design out of your head and into fabric. Alternatively, jump online and try design your own dye sublimated apparel at, then take your design to a professional and we will custom make your garment for a minimum of only 10 pieces.

Sounds pretty easy, right?
With Dye Sublimation (referred to as Dye Sub) the graphics are computer generated and transferred by printing to dye sublimated paper using specialised inks which are then transferred through heat and pressure into the fabric to give you a unique piece of clothing with the image or pattern embedded forever. The image can be all over from seam to seam, will not fade, crack or fall off. These garments are made in our China factory using the latest technology dye sub printers and heat presses. Dye Sub can only be done successfully on 100% Polyester fabrics which especially suits the Aussie Pacific fabrics